A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In ancient times, we had some pretty crazy ways to cure people who were sick. Who knew armadillo balls could do so much good, or that a quick crunch on some candied woodlice would soon sort you out?

As the owner of Ye Olde Apothecary Store, you must use your chemistry skills (or y'know, just refer to the handy Symptom Reference Book...) to work out what to crush, heat or stir together to make a curative potion and save your customers from their terrible illnesses such as the chronic botty burps, or simply being on fire.

But watch out! Some of those ingredients can get nasty when mixed together or treated in the wrong way. It's up to you to check the book and the ingredients to make sure you're not about to send your patient home in a body bag... that looks really bad for business.

Good luck!


DoNoHarm.zip 12 MB
DoNoHarm.app.zip 15 MB